Development and operation of photovoltaic energy plants on greenfields, agricultural areas, on the top of existing buildings and parking lots. From design - permitting - execution - operation.

Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of climate protection goals and to create a more liveable future by using solar energy. Our Solar division is extremely committed to the promotion of green energy. To get access to solar energy at the best possible price and quality is extremely important for us. Our solutions are comprehensive and tailored to individual needs.

Within the framework of the ICON Solar business partnership our SOLAR power plant reference -implemented since 2014- exceeds the production capacity of 200MWh. In addition to the regional power plant markets we see large-scale potential for the near future in the development plans of:

  • inter-organizational,
  • public utility,
  • residential and
  • state/municipal governments

We provide partnership in the complex processes of new projects or at any stage of an ongoing construction.

Our colleagues with decades of experience can support us in order to achieve efficient cooperation and economical operation. Our integrated management system enables the sale of the produced electricity and its integration into the Mavir system.

In the course of our own developments we have primarily committed ourselves to environmental and social responsibility as well as educational projects. Contact us to be part of Croatia’s first international level projects.